iPhone 6s wrap skins

wrap4phones uses only the highest grade 3M vinyl for our iPhone 6s skins. What does that mean? Most importantly, it’s a guarantee that your iPhone 6s skin uses the most textured, premium material on the planet. Furthermore, it means that when you’re ready to remove the iPhone 6s wrap and replace it with a fresh one, we guarantee it’ll leave no adhesive residue or damage to your device. By committing to exclusive use of 3M vinyl, we’re confidently able to stand behind our bold claims.

Looking for the best iPhone 6s skin possible? You’ve come to the right place. The pictures can’t lie: wrap4phones makes the most precision-fitted iPhone 6s skins on the planet. We prototype each product in-house over a thousand times to ensure that the fit on your 6s skin is literally perfect. What better way to protect your new iPhone 6s from scratches and fingerprints than with a wrap4phones skin? It isn’t possible to find a better fitting, higher caliber iPhone 6s skin than the one you’ll find at wrap4phones.

We’re constantly adding new textures and materials to our portfolio of iPhone 6s wraps. Right now, we offer iPhone 6s skins in a variety of finishes such as Zebra Wood, Mahogany, Carbon Fiber, Leather, True Colour, and Matte. Our one of a kind customization interface allows you to get a true preview of exactly how your iPhone 6s is going to look with a wrap on it. You can even mix and match the front, back, and camera pieces at no additional cost. You definitely won’t find a higher quality or more textured skin among any of our competitors.

When you check out other companies offering iPhone 6s skins, you’re never really sure what you’re getting. They disguise themselves behind weak photoshopped product images and boost their prices at checkout with crazy shipping costs. With wrap4phones, what you see is what you get. A perfect fit for your iPhone 6s skin, all taxes are included in the price, and we ship worldwide from just GBP 6.99. Our next-gen website represents our desire for a higher caliber of skin. We’re saving the world from garbage skins, one device at a time.https://www.wrap4phones.com/iphone-ipod-console-smartwatch-wrap-skin-and-tempared-glass/phones/apple/iphone-6s/

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